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Why Choose BlockFraud

Safer mobile payments, without the fraudsters.

At BlockFraud, we’re changing the landscape of fraud detection. Our services are expertly developed by leading data scientists using world-class machine learning algorithms and payment carrier technology that is fast, reliable, and smart. Innovation and evolution is at the heart of everything we do – it’s why we continually explore new ways to enhance our fraud detection capabilities, securing your mobile transactions, without the need to use a credit card.

Machine learning and manual rules

Combining high-powered technology and human intelligence we examine huge quantities of data elements, enabling us to quickly find and respond to suspicious data relationships and transactions, and use insights to refine and enhance algorithms to ensure fast and accurate results.

Comprehensive transaction analytics

Our analysis and insights into individual transactions are extremely thorough and include comprehensive testing for fraud indicators, data comparison across numerous systems, and the real-time monitoring of fraud schemes to interrupt fraudulent transactions in progress.

Quick start & flexible

Our flexible fraud detection services are tailored to meet your individual needs, helping to protect your business, brand reputation, and customers. We work quickly to get your chosen services up and running so you’re guaranteed industry-leading fraud prevention and detection in next to no time.

Centralized cross-portfolio & merchant fraud trends

Actively reviewing transactional data is essential to effectively identify and monitor fraud trends across multiple merchants. With our centralized cross-portfolio and cross-merchant assessments we track fraud from one hub, in real-time, for rapid cross-merchant fraud identification and prevention.

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